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Bringing New Life To Your Business

We provide comprehensive marketing and advertising services that empower your for-profit or nonprofit business to further bloom, flourish and thrive.


Marketing and Advertising Services
Sprouting Success

We plant the seeds for success through marketing and advertising data-driven and strategy-backed approaches to meet your for-profit and non-profit business needs from the initial seed to full blossom.

Advertising & Media

Crafting messaging for digital, social and traditional media our team digs into research, implements, and manages your multimedia campaigns

Branding & Design

Where creativity bears fruit for your business by making it memorable, consistent, and diversified from competitors

Email Marketing & Management

Delivering enriched emails ripe with content to your customers’ inbox  

Marketing & Communications

Integrated marketing blossoms into holistic strategies that drive awareness and buy-in for your business

Performance & Analytics

Digging into data to determine, define, and develop strategic results for your business

Public Relations & Awareness

Sewing the seeds of strategic media buzz by sharing your business’ stories with the right outlets to reach your customers

Social Media & Management

Nurturing brand awareness and growth through targeted content that connects, informs, and engages across channels 

Website Design & Management

Cultivating and managing your most crucial digital asset for more bountiful buy-in

Marketing & Advertising Sevices

Cultivated Clients


Harvested Studies

A Thriving Team

We are a collaborative group of passionate and experienced specialists led by Jennifer Harper. From marketing, media, design, and beyond we have decades of experience empowering businesses to blossom, flourish, and thrive. We can partner together to bring new life to your vision. 


A Flourishing Mission

Our mission is to cultivate sustainable, living-wage jobs in the communities in which we work. We give back to both local and international nonprofits. We serve our local and global communities by sowing seeds of positive change. We believe in unearthing opportunities for all.

A Nourished Community

Through community leadership, involvement, and personal self-development we nourish success both within ourselves and our community. By believe in being an active part of the communities in which we live and work. We are proud to be a part of these organizations.

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A Blossoming Opportunity

While our headquarters are Montana-based we are wherever our clients need us to be. Ready to breathe new life into your business? Contact our team today!

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“I've had the pleasure of partnering with Vita Nova for the past two years, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Since working with them we've seen a notable increase in both profitability and client engagement as well as strengthening our reputation within our industry. I highly recommend them!”

- Jennifer Plum, Plum Property Management

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